Healthy Staff at work increases Productivity for Businesses

Healthy Staff at work increases Productivity for Businesses

Physical fitness is the key to a healthy body that forms the basis of creative intellectual personality. This is applicable to one's personal and professional life. All of us add and reinforce many good (and bad) habits in our lives. Monitoring and investing time and money in health care can become a regular habit, but, it is, unfortunately, the most neglected part of our chores. Rushing around at home and work can easily overlook wellness aspects.


A healthy employee is a valuable asset to any organization. Thus, CME has organised this health screening program for all our employees. Creating a healthy workplace can be a challenging feat but regular health check-ups and medical exams can be valuable for both the employees and the employer. This health screening includes various tests and medical examinations to identify health-related risk factors and promote the awareness of a healthy lifestyle.


Mr. Praveen Crasta (CEO) says that the key risk factors that can be addressed in health screening programs. These include drinking alcohol, smoking, obesity, high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, eye check, lack of exercise and poor nutrition.


These employee health checkup program offer numerous benefits to both the employee and the employer. Having these checks done onsite is a new approach to corporate wellness programs. Here are some important benefits of background check and health screening in your organization.



Workplace health screening can detect various health issues that do not show symptoms. This could result in absenteeism and create an impact on business productivity. Regular health check-ups help catch illnesses at an early stage and give a chance to prevent further complications.

Reduce Health Risks

Once the employee has been screened onsite there is a reduction of health risks and the medical cost pertaining to the regular check-ups. This helps improve performance and decrease in absenteeism at work.

Better Mental Health

Staying physically fit can reduce stress to a great extent. Providing pre-employment health checkup and other screening services in the workplace can be convenient. This will increase job satisfaction and happiness.

Increased Productivity

Empowering people via health screenings encourages the resources to work hard, boosts their morale, decreases absenteeism and results in increased productivity. Organization-wide wellness programs and executive health checkup packages can aid in lowering insurance costs too.


Having a healthy staff at work contributes greatly towards the growth of the company.