4 Decades of simulating the Real Environmental conditions

4 Decades of simulating the Real Environmental conditions

Inculcating the values of Performance, Service and Quality, CM Envirosystems has proved that not every success needs a big or a beautiful start. Acknowledging its presence in the sectors of Automotive, Defence, aerospace, and Electronics industry, CM Environmental chambers have also served as a dutiful partner to simulate the climatic conditions in any situation or state. Working towards developing its technologies to provide a better utilization to the customers, the company has come a long way in Environmental manufacturing to suffice the customer’s needs.

Being the largest exporter of environmental test chambers in the Indian market, CME initiated its operations in the year 1981 where it was only manufacturing the incubators for the college laboratories. The company became fully functional for environmental test chambers under the guidance of Dr. Jacob Crasta in 2001.

In an exclusive interview with Machine Maker, Praveen Crasta, the CEO at CM Envirosystems Private Limited share the company’s incredible journey and the future plans.

A ‘climatic’ turn towards success

Commencing an incredible journey in 1981 in the city of the largest IT hub of India- Bangalore, CME Group has established & grown to become largest Indian manufacturers in the environmental test chambers, providing the complete simulation of different kinds of world climate for a machine. Since inception, with deep practical knowledge of climate and the environment, the company is uniquely positioned to help the customers solve their most demanding requirements worldwide regarding the climatic issues with the machines.

Starting from the base of providing the service for incubators, the company now has become extremely competitive in every sphere. Providing the best services to the customers during their initial stages, a valuable customer pushed them to try their luck in the market of environmental test chambers due to its activated use. Overlooking the price barriers and striving to produce the best quality products, best manufacturing facilities, the company has been able to gain about 50% of the market share in India, making them the undisputed leaders in India.

The company deals in the range of environmental chambers and produces the products like Climatic chamber, corrosion test chamber, Thermal shock chamber, benchtop chamber, Altitude Chamber, Walk-in Chamber, and many more. The products are highly precise, serve accuracy and are most importantly, ‘MADE IN INDIA’.

Quality driven mindset- resistance in the growth

Talking about the challenges the company has been facing throughout its journey, Praveen exclaims the challenge is the quality driven mindset of the people which is overpowering the growth of any industry in the country.

From a small Indian company to a Global Organisation

Emerging from the roots, the company has now been established as a high-quality global player. The company in the last 38 years has been a witness to different changes which has allowed them to stay strong and firm in their business. The company has been expanding itself in the 4 continents and plans to set up a unit in the US and Europe as well. In the year 2018, the company has seen its growth rise by 40% which includes around 80 per cent of it from its existing customers.

A ‘Chamber’ of new technologies

With the equipments running 24 by 7, the company has come up with a power saving system that saves huge running cost for the customers and is highly eco-friendly. It has also taken a step towards reducing greenhouse effects and is working to comply with the global warming norms.

Being consistent is the mantra

Initiating his business career at a tender age of 18, Praveen Crasta has successfully led his Lsquare Eco products for 8 years. The company has now become a part of the CME group and has completely transformed from manual functioning to automation.

His journey of being Director of Global Business operations at Lsquare to becoming a CEO of CME has been incredible. Handling the responsibilities of being a CEO, Praveen has been able to strike a perfect balance between his professional as well as personal life. He never lets his work come in his personal space and vice-versa.

“Consistency is all that is needed to achieve everything in life. If you are consistent in everything, things come to you easily.”- says Praveen on his Mantra for success.

Conquering over 4 continents and 24 countries, CME group plans to expand its manufacturing facility in the US and Europe by the year 2022. Regarding the fields it deals with, the company has also set a goal to expand itself into the area of life sciences.

With the sheer passion to deliver the best and reliability in its products, the company is geared up to reach the summit of environmental test chambers manufacturing.

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