CME partners with global automotive R&D majors, launches three new products

CME partners with global automotive R&D majors, launches three new products

Bangalore-based CM Envirosystems (CME), a global simulation technology major which specialises in the manufacture of environmental test chambers, has forged a partnership with three global auto R&D companies and launched unique products in the automotive R&D and testing space at the recently held Automotive Testing Expo 2016 in Chennai.

CME has introduced HALT/ HASS systems, partnering with the US-based Hanse Environmental Inc, a global leader in advanced HALT/HASS technology.

HALT/HASS systems or Highly Accelerated Life Test/ Stress Screening, play a major role in the product development. It considerably reduces the testing durations and identifies the failure rate in far shorter times as compared to the traditional environmental test chambers.

Talking to Autocar Professional, Praveen Crasta, director of global business operation, CME, said, “For any industry, be it automotive, electronics, electrical or aerospace, failure rates must be identified at a product development stage and that too in shorter time, else the delay will edge out the competitive advantage. The solution is HALT/HASS systems which estimate product reliability in hours or days as compared to a traditional environmental test chamber which takes weeks to months to do the same.

” The other new product launched helps arrest mechanical failures of automotive systems fitted in vehicles. 

According to Crasta, one-third of all product failures result from mechanical factors such as shock, vibrations and bump effects. To address this, the company has launched a series of mechanical test systems, tying up with King Design of Taiwan, which develops and supplies mechanical testing solutions and shock and bump test systems, vibration systems and drop systems. “With over 30 years of industrial background, King Design has won many awards for its innovative technology. This new collaboration will open doors to our R&D & manufacturing segment to access quality technology within India,” said Crasta.

Yet another new product launched at the expo was a Solar Simulation Chamber for the automotive industry. This simulates the real time environment in its test space, especially solar radiation to assess its impact on the product being tested. Solar rays cause vehicle colours to fade and rubber to lose elasticity, among other impacts.

Crasta said, “The new collaboration between CME and BF Engineering will offer an array of testing technologies for the Indian automotive industry. BF Engineering is a known brand globally for its expertise in planning and executing complex solar simulation chambers and now it will be available locally through CME.” – See more at: