Walk-In Climatic Chamber for Vehicle testing

Over the years CME has designed and commissioned many Drive-In Chambers for Automobile Industry. Both Automobile manufacturers and its industry regulatory bodies have always upheld the proven reliability and assured performance of our chambers. The latest 1,40,000 Litres Drive-In Climatic Chamber is an example of one such recently commissioned mega project, which primarily simulates real environmental conditions in its test space to conduct wide range of test on live vehicles.


This mega Walk-In Chamber involves military standard construction which makes the chamber highly reliable and efficient.

Walk-In Climatic Chamber-markings


  Features Benefits
Test Space Pre-polished stainless steel with high gloss brush finish.

Stainless steel with reinforced bottom floor is provided.

All seams is TIG welded ensuring a vapour tight enclosure.

Double continuous seal rings of silicone rubber is mounted on a thermal breaker strip as the gasket to ensure complete sealing and zero conduction form the test space to the exterior.

Non corrosive and long lasting

Can accommodate various size of specimen

Offer high wear resistant.



Door Front swinging type door with suitable locking provision with gasket ensuring air-tight sealing

Spring loaded latch is provided with a locking facility.

The inner surface of the door is provided with pre-polished stainless steel and is mounted such that conduction is avoided

Offer tight sealing to avoid energy loss from the test space.


Viewing Window Multi-pane insulated window glass for inspection is provided on the doors.

The multi pane window consist of toughened glasses sealed with silicone and separated by spacers to form a completely vacuum window.

Defogger heaters is provided with an auto cut-off.

Halogen Lighting is provided to view the specimen under test.

Helps to view the specimen under testing.


Test Space Conditioning


The air circulation within the chamber is as close to laminar ensuring uniform airflow all across the workspace.

Co-axial fan blades with in-built motor is used.

The conditioning plenum is covered with a removable sheet providing easy access for maintenance

Higher refrigeration efficiency for prolonged duration.


Heating System Stainless steel sheathed air heaters of suitable capacity is used to achieve the desired positive set temperature.

The heaters is placed in the conditioning plenum such that there is no direct radiation from the heaters onto the test specimen.

Power efficient and minimal heat loss.
Housing Prefabricated modular type construction of PCGI Panels with high density CFC free PUF insulation

The tongue and groove edges of all panels are moulded to close tolerance ensuring tight fit between panels to prevent condensation.

The floor is of non-slip design, with chequered sheet.

The panels are totally resistance to water, fire & chemical agents.

Highly durable and heavy duty construction to withstand any extreme testing conditions
Humidification System A low-pressure droplet free vapour boiler using direct vaporization system is used.

Reservoir is provided at the side of the chamber with an 8 x 6mm PU tube quick connector.

The de-mineralized water which is recommended is connected to the reservoir and is controlled automatically through a water-in solenoid.

Minimum humidity fluctuation and consistency across multiple test cycles.
Safety & Protection Devices Fault Diagnostics system with history.

Complete or circuit relevant protection based on fault with audio-visual alarm.

Independent temperature protection for test specimen (T max & T min)

Software temperature limiter for min./max. test chamber temperature.

Protection for excess pressure in refrigeration circuit.

Automatic oil return for safety of compressor.

Bypass protection at No-Load conditions.

Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Single Phase protection and phase reversal at input.

Protection for overloaded motor of test space fan and compressors (Thermal Overload Relay).

The control and monitoring system is protected against input electrical surge and spike.

Protects the test chamber and its systems from undue snags.


S. No




Work Space

140000L [5000(W) x 7000(D) x 4000(H)]mm


Temperature Range

-20°C to +85°C


(A) Change of Rate of Temperature

15°C/min – Heating/Cooling Rate without Load


0.5°C/min – Heating/Cooling Rate with full vehicle


Heat Dissipation Compensation: 3kw @ -20°C


Temperature Fluctuation

0.1°C to 1°C


Temperature Gradient

0.5°C to 1.5°C


Humidity Range

10% to 95% RH


Humidity Fluctuation

1% to 3% RH


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