Drive-In Rain Test Chamber – Twin Shower

The Drive-In Rain Test Chamber is generally used to conduct whole body testing of assembled vehicles under different rain test procedures to study and estimate their structural degradations and destructions induced by rain/water. The twin shower area with 1.1 million litre & 0.35 million litre volume is enclosed in a shed where arrays of pipes are interconnected to form zones to ensure the uniform spraying as per JSS 55555 test standard. The water gushes through the nozzle at a flow rate of up to 288 cu m/hr and the test chamber water collection system have a central grating with sufficient slope to collect the sprayed water during operation and circulate it back to the water reservoir to ensure close loop circulation.

Super Structure
  • The super structure is built using GI frames with anti-corrosive coating and profiles to support the pipelines. The width of the super structure can be adjusted and one side of the structure can be moved on guided wheels. The super structure will also have rear and front entry/exit doors.
Test Space
  • Test Bed : Reinforced concrete test bed with a 1-2 Degrees gradient towards centre and load bearing capacity of up to 1 to 1.5T/M2. The centre of the test bed have a water channel with a MS grated covering.
  • Driving Rain shelter : The Driving rain test facility is made of Brick wall up to 1 meter height on two sides with special foundation. Powder coated MS super structure is used for long life.
  • The Driving rain test facility is divided into multiple zones. The operation of these zones is as per the requirement of JSS-55555. Number of zones for “Shower No.1” is 4 (5 meter width for each zone) and for “Shower No.2” is 2 (5 meter width for each zone).
Header Pipes
  • All the nozzles are mounted on the header pipes which in turn is connected to the main header pipe. Number of header for “Shower No.1” is 4 and for “Shower No.2” is 3. Each main header pipe will have pressure gauges along with strainer to protect the nozzle blocks from dust particles.
  • Nozzles as per JSS-55555 is mounted on the GI pipe headers. The nozzles can be easily removed for revalidating the pressure.
Water Recirculation System
  • A closed loop water circulation system consists of industrial grade pumps for the discharge of water. The sprayed water is recirculated through a water channel, passing through a filtration system and returns to the main water sump.
Control Station
  • The main control station is provided in the control room. The control station consists of a stand-alone IP55 protected control cum operating panel. The control panel consist of all the electrical switchgears and operating instruments needed for a smooth operation of the Driving rain test facility.
Report Generation
  • SCADA based report generation/monitoring system is provided for water flow rate, water pressure versus duration in graphical and tabular format.


Shower Area No. 1

Shower Area No. 2

Test Area

20m(L) x 7m(B) x 8m(H)

10m(L) x 7m(B) x 5m(H)

Number of Zones

4 Nos at distance of 5m

2 Nos at distance of 5m

Water Flow Rate

450 LPH +/- 45L/Nozzle

450 LPH +/- 45L/Nozzle

Total Flow Rate

288 cu m/hr

144 cu m/hr

Water Pressure

200 Kpa +/- 20 Kpa

200 Kpa +/- 20 Kpa

Number of Nozzles



Main Sump (L x B x H)

6m x 3m x 5m

10°C to 90°C

Control Room

8’x8’ with concrete roofing

± 0.5°C

Electrical power requirement 3Phase, 415V, 50Hz, 4+1 Wire  

Venue: CTC Complex, Chennai, India | Date: January 10-12, 2018 | Our Booth No.: 2042
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