Corporate Social Responsibility


CME hold the highest responsibility towards ethics & compliance, building an ecosystem of integrity from the ground level to include all the stakeholders of the company. The fair trade policies have formulated clear guidelines to uphold ethical standards in business on geographical rules and regulations. The internal ethical committee of the company keeps a close watch on all trade practices, revenue generating streams and company’s internal process. The company has formulated its ethics & compliance guidelines at broadly three levels:


CME clearly describes the roles & responsibilities of every employee along with the moral principles they must uphold. The company’s vision is to achieve holistic, sustainable growth but also add value to the society. These are only possible when the company has employees who have the highest integrity. Each stakeholder is protected with the help of strict rules and regulations covering gender inequality, discriminations, and harassments and protection of employees’ rights.

Value Creation

The company follows a stringent process in its value creation to ensure that the right inputs lead to the desired output. The internal process monitoring & auditing keeps a close tab on the value creation chain at a micro level. It’s to ensure that the customers get utmost value for the price they pay.

Trade Practices

CME has a presence in 4 continents with multiple channel partners in different countries. Their customers are from diverse industries such as Automotives, Electronics, Electrical and Aerospace. With such diversity, the company has framed strict rules and regulations to ensure fulfilment of fair trade practices. CME’s commitment to society drives its business to achieve greater heights.