Climatic Chamber with Vibration Integration

The PAC series of environmental chambers are customised to integrate an electro dynamic shaker. Combined environmental and vibration tests can be conducted as per various international and military standards. The chamber is equipped with motorised movements for easy integration between slip table and armature.


The chamber consist of features such as motorised movement of test space for slip table and armature integration along with the standard features of climatic chamber such as Envicom controller, Remote monitoring, highly efficient refrigeration system and so on.



Test Space Motorised movement of test space for slip table and armature integration

AISI-304 grade polished stainless steel

Adjustable shelves

Maximum surface load capacity 50kg-100kg

Maximum shelf load capacity 15kg -25kg


Non corrosive and long lasting

Can accommodate various size of specimen

High uniformly load bearing capacity


Air Flow Laminar air flow across test space Maintains uniform temperature gradient
Compressor Hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor

Single stage refrigeration system

Offer higher efficiency with lower noise.


Cooling unit Inner grooved high efficiency evaporator unit used with fins for heat exchange. Optimises performance and efficiency of heat transfer.


LCD Display Temperature & Humidity Display Highly useful visual display to keep you informed about test space conditions.
Envicom Smart Series Controller Chamber Analytics

On demand cooling

Security levels

On screen  diagnostic

Safety Alarms

Data analysis and proactive support

Improved power efficiency

Multi user and restricted access

Chamber health awareness

Protect chamber if there is malfunction

Communication & Networking 7”,9”,12”,15” LCD colour screen with resolution of 800 x 480 to 1280 x 800

Ethernet port for internet

RS 232, RS485 ports

2GB SD card

Optimised user interface experience

Remote monitoring

integration with 3rd party software such as NI/Lab view

Storage of test data for longer duration


Combined Temperature, Humidity & Vibration Chamber

Test Space Dimension (WXDXH) (mm)


Test Space Volume (L)


Temperature Range (°C)

-70 to +180

Temperature Deviation (°C)

±0.1 to ± 1

Temperature Gradient (°C)

±0.5 to ±1.5

Ramp Rate (°C/min)


Refrigeration System


Humidity Range (%RH)

10% – 98% RH

Humidity System


Electrical Supply

3P/N/E 400VAC ±10% 50Hz

Noise Level (dB)

70 (measured 1 m distance from the front)

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