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When it comes to conducting rigorous testing for various international standards, one name stands out - CME(CME). As a leading engineering company specializing in environmental simulation testing technology, CME has designed and manufactured the ultimate solution - the CME environmental chamber.

Built with the utmost quality and reliability, the environmental chamber is the go-to choice for all environment testing purposes. The CME chambers set the benchmark for excellence with their ability to meet the most stringent testing needs of standards like ASTM, IEC, MIL, DIN, and more.

Discover how CME is revolutionizing the testing landscape and paving the way for reliable and robust products in today's demanding market.

Types of Environmental Chambers


Thermal Shock Chambers

Temperature chambers, also referred to as environmental test chambers or climatic chambers, serve as specialized equipment designed to replicate various temperature and humidity conditions. CME PAC series of climatic chambers come with cyclic low, high temperature, and humidity tests. Its primary purpose is to test and assess product performance, reliability, and durability across diverse environmental scenarios.


Humidity Chambers

Environmental chamber humidity control is expertly crafted equipment to excel in simulating and regulating humidity levels within a controlled environment. The CME Humidity chambers offer a controlled atmosphere for exposing products to specific humidity levels, alone or alongside temperature fluctuations.


Vibration Chambers

By utilizing the CME test chamber for vibration tests, you can expose the specimen to various tests, including vibrations, temperature, and climatic variations. Its advanced testing method helps assess the durability and performance of components & equipment when exposed to combined climatic and mechanical stresses, replicating real-world conditions.


Stability Chambers

The Stability Chambers from CME are designed to test products and determine their shelf life. Whether it's drugs, electrical components, or industrial materials, these chambers allow you to adjust parameters like temperature and humidity to conduct thorough checks under various conditions.


Salt Spray Chambers

CME environmental chamber manufacturers offer both a cyclic corrosion test chamber (SF-CCT) and a traditional salt spray chamber (SF-SST). The equipments are designed to be compatible with multiple test standards, including automotive standards. These chambers can be easily alternated/cycled between varied humidity programs and traditional salt spray, providing a comprehensive testing solution.


Mil Standard Thermal Shock Chamber

CME's thermal shock chamber has technology upgrades that have improved test efficiency. The chamber provides consistent accuracy in temperature recovery and uniformity across multiple test cycles. This improvement ensures better test reproducibility and reliability. The thermal shock chamber consists of two zones: hot and cold. The specimen is placed on a test basket and transferred between the hot and cold zones using a motorized system connected by a screw rod.


Vacuum Chambers

The Vaccum chambers are widely used in various scientific, industrial, and research applications. CME Vacuum chambers are meticulously engineered to simulate extremely low atmospheric pressure conditions resulting in an environment where air molecules are scarce. By effectively extracting air and gases from the chamber, scientists gain the unparalleled opportunity to examine the behavior of materials and objects in an environment akin to outer space.


Altitude Chambers

The CME Altitude chamber offers a controlled testing environment for aerospace components, allowing for precise pressure, temperature, and humidity simulations. With the capability to simulate an altitude of up to 100,000 feet (10 mbar), it ensures accurate and reliable performance evaluations.

Specifications or Features of Environmental Test Chambers

Temperature Range

It refers to the precise minimum and maximum temperatures the chamber can achieve.


The environmental chamber assesses how evenly temperature and humidity are spread inside the room.

Chamber Size

CME chambers come with different internal dimensions of the chamber, which can be used for testing various-sized products.

Door Configuration

With CME, you have the convenience of using both single and double doors and the choice to add viewing windows. 

Humidity Control Method

The chamber uses steam generators, atomizers, or dry air injection to regulate humidity levels effectively.

Power Requirements

Environmental test chamber manufacturers, such as CME, provide detailed specifications regarding the required voltage and frequency for the smooth operation of their chambers.


The CME chambers are unparalleled in their ability to meet the most demanding testing standards, including:


(American Society for Testing and Materials)


(International Electrotechnical Commission)


(Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V)


(American Refrigeration Institute)


(International Organization for Standardization)

How does it work?

The environmental chamber operates on a manual control principle, allowing for precise management of all conditions through various mechanical processes.

The temperature inside the environmental control chamber can be controlled either by an electric heater for heating or a refrigeration unit for cooling purposes.

To simulate the corrosive effects of the sea, scientists/researchers employ a nozzle within the chamber to spray a salt solution, creating a fine mist that covers the entire product being tested.

When it comes to simulating humidity, the environmental stress chamber offers two different methods.

One involves evaporating water using a heat source, while the other utilizes ultrasound technology to achieve the desired humidity levels.

Once the steam rises to the top of the environmental simulation chamber and undergoes a cooling process, thereby increasing the overall humidity within the test chamber.

This method proves to be highly efficient as it can rapidly generate high levels of humidity, even within large chambers.

Design and Customization

Tailored solutions for diverse testing needs are at the heart of our design & customization services for environmental chambers. CME chambers are completely customizable, allowing you to choose the perfect size, material construction, access ports, shelving options, and specialized fixtures that fit your requirements.

We take great care in designing our chambers to ensure uniform temperature and humidity distribution, guaranteeing accurate and reliable test results. Safety features and user-friendly interfaces are seamlessly integrated, making operation effortless and hassle-free.

Industries we serve



The CME' chambers provide cutting-edge technical solutions for simulating diverse climatic conditions in the automotive industry. These chambers are designed specifically for R&D applications and quality control, ensuring accurate testing of both components and complete vehicles.



CME environmental test chambers are the preferred choice for the aerospace & aviation industries when it comes to testing atmospheric conditions for a wide range of aircraft, components, and parts.


Renewable energy

With our advanced technology, we specialize in crafting top-notch environmental chamber for battery testing specifically tailored for testing products within the energy industry.



CME is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge systems for environmental simulation, heating, and humidity control technology. Our diverse range of environmental test chambers enables you to effectively assess the impact of temperature and humidity on your products and components' performance, functionality, and durability.



Environmental chambers play a crucial role in the electronics industry by facilitating the testing a wide range of components. These components include ICs, circuit boards, semiconductors, sensors, transducers, storage drives, power supplies, surge protectors, touch panels, fuses, capacitors, resistors, switches, connectors, electronic assemblies, and many more.


Coatings and Chemicals

CME chambers provide reliable and accurate testing solutions for corrosion resistance evaluation and product comparisons. With our state-of-the-art chambers, you can confidently assess the performance of coatings & chemicals under various environmental conditions.

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At CME, our team we combine expertise with innovation. The environmental  chamber price is also affordable, which makes it accessible to all types of sectors. All types of test chambers are engineered to meet your precise testing requirements, offering customization options in size, temperature range, humidity control, and more.

With a proven track record across industries, we provide cutting-edge technology that ensures accurate and repeatable results. Our commitment to quality shines through in every environmental chamber for sale's design, construction, and performance. We offer comprehensive support, from installation to ongoing maintenance, guaranteeing a seamless experience.


An environmental chamber, is used to test how certain environmental conditions affect biological items, industrial goods, materials, and electronic devices and parts.

CME environmental chambers are used for a variety of applications, including testing products for their performance under different environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity levels, and other environmental factors.

Yes, CME environmental chambers can be customized to meet specific testing requirements. They are designed to accommodate various test specimens.

The environmental test chambers enable effective assessment of the impact of temperature and humidity on products and components' performance, functionality, and durability in the defense industry.

CME Environmental Chamber sets the benchmark for excellence by meeting the stringent testing needs of standards like ASTM, IEC, MIL, DIN, and more.

CME offers various environmental chambers, including temperature chambers, humidity chambers, temperature and humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, and more. These chambers are designed to meet different testing requirements.


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