Thermo Mechanical Chamber

Thermo Mechanical Chamber is designed to simulate temperatures from ultra low to high while a tensile load being applied on the specimen. The chamber is widely used in Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications industry for testing their components to evaluate its quality and reliability.


Mechanical Structure
  •  Standalone MS super structure with one end moulded with hydraulic cylinder and other is a fixed end. The structure can withstand Mechanical load upto 20 T without any sag.
  • Durable & reliable construction ideal for stringent testing conditions.
Test Space
  • Pre-polished 18 swg stainless steel, reinforced bottom floor which can withstand the distributed load of 500Kg/sq.m. All seams are TIG welded ensuring a vapour tight enclosure
  • Non corrosive and long lasting
  • Can accommodate various size of specimen
  • Offer high wear resistant.
Hydraulic Power Pack
  •  High pressure hydraulic pump mounted on a oil tank of 40L capacity. All the controls like pressure relief valve, solenoid valve, and manifold check valve are mounted on the tank.
  • Heavy duty engineering for advance tensile testing.
Refrigeration System
  • High Capacity semi hermetic compressor mounted on anti-vibration pads. The air cooled system is specially designed for tropical climate and is driven by a co-axial fan. The refrigeration system uses eco-friendly Non-CFC refrigerant R-404a.
  • Higher refrigeration efficiency for prolonged duration.
Safety & protection devices
  • There are multiple safety & protection devices such as Fault Diagnostics system with history, audio-visual alarm for complete or circuit relevant protection, independent temperature protection for test specimen (T max & T min), protection for excess pressure in refrigeration circuit, automatic oil return for safety of compressor and many more.
  • Ensure safe environment for the specimen to avoid accidental damage.
Load Cell (Load Sensor)
  • Inline tension type load cell with signal conditioner for analog outputs.
  • Continuous monitoring of loads applied on specimen.



Test Area

2000mm (W) x 800mm (D) x 500mm (H)

Temperature Range

-40 °C to +60 °C

Temperature Fluctuation

± 1°C

Average Heating rate


Average Cooling rate


Hydraulic Load

Adjustable from 0 to 20 Ton

Control Accuracy

± 1 Ton of set point

Structure Load Carrying Capacity

20 T


Mono block construction with 2 mm thick Cold rolled mild steel for all panels and 3 mm Thick Cold rolled mild steel for all frames and chassis.


Multi layered slabs with thickness of 125mm.

Electrical power requirement

415V AC (± 10%), 3 Phase, 50 Hz ± 2 Hz.


Envicom Smart Controller

Temperature Monitoring & Control

Temperature sensor feed input to PID Controller to control SSR fired heaters and compressor output.

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