Mil Standard Thermal Shock Chamber

CME’s standard and customized products allow the simulation of the most diverse environmental condition.Among wide range of customized solutions, MIL standard Thermal shock chamber is one which is customized to test various products for continuous environmental changes from extremely high to low temperature within a short time frame.



Test Area

860L (1200W x 900D x 800H) mm

Low Temperature Exposure Range

0°C  t0 -75°C

High Temperature Exposure Range

50°C  t0 200°C

Temperature Pull Down Rate

0°C  t0 -70°C within 30 min

Temperature Heat Up Rate

50°C  t0 200°C within 30 min

Temperature Working Range

-50°C  t0 180°C

Basket Transition Time

< 10 sec

Recovery Time

< 5 min

Specimen Weight (Steel Load)

20 Kg

Basket Movement


Electrical power requirement

380V AC (± 10%), 3 Phase, 50 Hz ± 2 Hz.

Dew point temperature Range

4°C to 95°C

Temperature Monitoring & Control

Temperature sensor feed input to PID Controller to control SSR fired heaters and compressor output.

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