CME’s IS: 9000 standard dust chamber is designed for optimum performance and economical operation with minimum maintenance requirement. The chamber is capable of maintaining a temperature from ambient to 60⁰C with temperature stability of ±2⁰C and dust collection of 25 gm ±5 gm within 5 minutes. A blower motor is provided to circulate the dust in the chamber wherein the air is discharged from the bottom of the chamber and circulates through the top duct. 






90 x 90 x 90 (cm)

Temperature Range

Ambient to 60⁰C

Air Speed

1.0 m/sec to 10 m/sec

Air nozzle angle

The dust agitation nozzle angle will be 40 Degrees

Temperature Working Range

-50°C  t0 180°C

Dust Collection

25 gm ±5 gm within 5 minutes as per IS– 9000

Control System

The control system will be universal where control parameters of Temperature, air pressure and setting parameters can be programmed and edited.

Inspection Window

Multipane window of size 700x700mm will be provided with wiper.

Internal light

400 – 500 lux at +20ºC

Port Holes

125 mm port holes on either side for access of cables, pnuematic connections etc.

Safety Equipment

A steady state safety thermostat will be provided as over temperature protection.

Service and Support

Universal Preventive & Comprehensive Maintenance




The chamber’s door allows easy access to specimen which is fitted with suitable gaskets and viewing window.  Door limit switch is provided for detection of door opening while key lock present in the external side with internal security anti-lock systems ensures perfect sealing of test space. The viewing window of size 700 x 700 mm is provided with wiper.


The chamber is suitably and sufficiently insulated for its temperature range. The insulation and insulated space is properly sealed to prevent any deterioration and inefficiency after continued use.

Port Hole

125 mm port holes on either sides of chamber is provided for access of cables, pneumatic connections etc. Port hole is properly sealed when not in use to ensure thermal integrity

Interior Light

An interior light of 400 – 500 lux at +20ºC is provided. The lamp is positioned as not to project into the working space.


Removable wire mesh shelves capable of supporting the specified load without distortion is provided.


The external and internal finish of the chamber ensures protection against corrosion and other similar effects. 


Protection against supply voltage variation, a steady state safety thermostat is provided as over temperature protection, adequate heat/electrical insulation at control panel, provision of inter locking of fan with heater circuit and safety alarms.


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