CME’s Environmental Test Chambers can be customized as per different test requirements. We also offer flexibility whenever customer need a whole new environmental test chamber which might not be a part of our standard range of products. We consider such request as projects and customer is involved throughout the stages of its planning, designing and execution.

Some of our custom projects are shown here which will give a clearer insight on our offerings and engineering potential.

Walk-In Climatic Chamber for Vehicle testing

CME - Walk-In Chamber

Over the years CME has designed and commissioned many Drive-In Chambers for Automobile Industry.

Climatic Chamber with UTM Integration

Climatic Chamber with UTM Integration

CME’s Climatic Chambers have high degree of flexibility for customisation. The latest addition to this range is the “Climatic Chamber with UTM Integration.”read-more_11

MIL Standard Dust Test Chamber


The 1000L Dust Test Chamber simulates dusty environment to validate the reliability and functioning of specimen under extreme

Climatic Chamber with Vibration Integration


The PAC series of customised environmental chambers are designed to integrate an electro dynamic

Sand & Dust Test Chamber – MIL 810F & MIL 810G

Dust Test Chamber _ CME _ CM Envirosystems-1Sand & Dust test chamber is used to test the reliability of product against abrasion, surface frictions, fatigue, cracking, marring and clogging.

CATH Chamber (Combined Altitude, Temperature & Humidity)

Pressure Chamber_CMEThe CATH chamber or combined altitude, temperature and humidity chamber can simulate all of these three environmental conditions in its test space.


ESS High Ramp Rate Chamber

ESS High Ramp Rate ChamberEnvironmental Stress Screening (ESS) chamber simulates stressful environment through rapid thermal cycling to determine the specimen’s failure rate in a shorter testing period.


Drive-In Rain Test Chamber – Twin Shower Area

Drive in Rain ChamberThe Drive-In Rain Test Chamber is generally used to conduct whole body testing of assembled vehicles under different rain test procedures.


Battery Testing Chamber

Explosion Proof Climatic Chamber - CME

Battery test chamber or explosion proof climatic chamber is built to conduct test on specimen which could explode on varying temperature & humidity conditions.


Thermo Mechanical Chamber

CME _ Thermo Mechanical Chamber _ CM EnvirosystemsThermo Mechanical Chamber is designed to simulate temperatures from ultra low to high while a tensile load being applied on the specimen.


Rapid Decompression Vacuum Chamber

Rapid Decompression Vacuum Chamber - CM EnvirosystemsRapid decompression vacuum chamber is ideal for testing aerospace and aeronautical components and products.


Explosion Proof Thermal Shock Chamber

Explosion Proof Thermal Shock ChamberCME offers wide range of customised solutions and explosion proof thermal shock chamber in one among them.


Custom Walk-In Chambers

Walk in Climatic Chamber - CME 6750 Litres - CM Envirosystems

Walk in Climatic Chamber – CME 6750 Litres – CM Envirosystems

CME offers wide range of Walk-In climatic chambers in different volumes.


IS:9000 Dust Chamber

IS: 9000 standard dust chamber is designed for optimum performance and economical operation with minimum maintenance requirement.


Climatic Chamber With Remote Conditioning Unit 

Based on the size of the test specimen and/or to accommodate extreme test requirements, a remote air conditioning unit is necessary.




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