Corrosion Test Chamber

hello CME offer both a cyclic corrosion test chamber (SF-CCT) as well as a traditional salt spray chamber (SF-SST). The SF-CCT chambers are compatible with multiple test standards including automotive standards and they can be alternated/cycled between varied humidity programs with the traditional salt spray.

In recent years it has been proven that cyclic corrosion tests offer a more realistic simulation of real time corrosive environments than the traditional salt spray testing method. The salts spray test revolves around a single set point of temperature (ambient to 55oC) on the continuous mode. It lacks the role of real life conditions such as condensation humidity, air-drying etc. making the test less reliable than the cyclic corrosion test. Though CME offer both variants (cyclic corrosion test as well as salt spray test) of the chamber, it always suggests opting for SF-CCT as it is programmed to conduct a whole range of corrosion tests such as wet cycle, dry cycle, controlled humidity (optional) as well as the salt spray test in a single chamber!

Built with moulded fibre, reinforced plastic and coated with automotive PU paints; the chamber’s structure offers high strength while maintaining its non-corrosive properties. The pneumatically operated translucent hood gives a clear view of the test-in progress and offers greater flexibility in specimen mounting & dismounting. During testing the atomiser sprays fine droplets (500 micron) across the test space ensuring a uniform fog collection, whereas the low-pressure vapour boiler with air circulator provides better control in the injection of moisture with minimum fluctuation. Recently the chamber has undergone a facelift based on the recently held R&D congress (at CME HQ) to eliminate the solution tank from the chamber and offer them as a separate mobile unit as per the customer’s request. This has helped in decreasing the footprint area by 30% making it more compact and consistent.

Corrosion testing involves multiple test standards, which are developed by the automobile manufacturers or are according to the specific country standards. To match this diversity, CME has engineered both its SF-CCT as well as SF-SST to comply with more than 100 global test standards. It has a mix of all types of test standards ranging from ASTM, MIL, ISO, JASO to GM, NFX, AS, ECC and more. You could click here and see the full list of test standards that the chamber complies with.


PAC chambers are designed to perform at extreme testing conditions which is evident from its rigid yet functional design which incorporates a whole lots of features to improve the testing experience.

Corrosion Test Chamber-markings


  Features Benefits
Hood Large acrylic translucent hood.

Pneumatic cylinder assisted operation.

Helps to view the specimen under test.

Easy loading & unloading of test specimen.

Chamber Structure Large acrylic translucent hood. Non-Corrosive.

Long life.

Better aesthetics

Levelling Casters Pneumatic cylinder assisted operation. Easily movable.

Anti-vibration function.

High abrasion resistance.

High chemical resistance.

Atomiser Produces 500micron droplet size.

Acrylic body.

Easy to dis-assemble.

Uniform fog collection.

Easy maintenance.

Peristaltic Pump DC motor with drive.

4 contact rollers .

Isoprene tube.

Non-contact dosing of solution.

Continuous duty cycle.

Angle Rack & Hanging Rods FRP slotted angle rack as per standard (150 inclination).


Easy mounting of test specimen.

Maximum exposure while testing


Humidity & Conditioning Unit Low pressure vapour boiler with air circulator. Controlled injection of moisture with ± 3% fluctuation.
Controller 5.7” TFT touch screen with PLC. Ethernet and USB interface. High control accuracy.

Pre-loaded major test standards.

Easy to download test data.

Safety Alarm Solution level.

Saturator water level.

Humidity tank water level.

Wick water level.

Air pressure.

Chamber temperature.

Saturator temperature.

Humidity tank temperature.

Conditioning unit temperature.

Protects the chamber during any deviation from the set value.


The installation diagram helps to understand the minimum requirements to be met at the customer’s site where our PAC chamber will be installed.


Parameters SF-570-SST SF-570-CCT SF-960-SST SF-960-CCT SF-1850-SST SF-1850-CCT
Salt Spray Chamber Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber Salt Spray Chamber Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber Salt Spray Chamber Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber
Test Space Dimensions with Hood WxDXH mm 785 x 525 x 1060 (508Ltrs) 840 x 720 x 1330 (868Ltrs) 1665 x 795 x 1400 (1678Ltrs)
Test Space Dimensions without Hood WxDXH mm 785 x 525 x 620 (267Ltrs) 840 x 720 x 830 (519Ltrs) 1665 x 795 x 870 (951Ltrs)
External Dimensions W x D X H mm 1595 x 820 x 1145 1595 x 1165 x 1145 1650 x 1025 x 1435 1650 x 1037 x 1435 2525 x 1100 x 1540 2525 x 1525 x 1540
Power Supply Voltage and Frequency dependent on country of installation
Electric Phase 1 or 3 dependent on country of installation
Maximum Connected Load 3 KW, 12A 4KW, 16A 3 KW, 12A 5KW, 16A 4.5KW, 18A 6KW, 32A
Controller PID Micro Controller Envicom Touchscreen Controller PID Micro Controller Envicom Touchscreen Controller PID Micro Controller Envicom Touchscreen Controller
Test Space Load Bearing Capacity 200 Kg UDL 250 Kg UDL 250 Kg UDL
Temperature Range Ambient to 55°C Ambient to 70°C Ambient to 55°C Ambient to 70°C Ambient to 55°C Ambient to 70°C
Temperature Fluctuation ± 1°C
Humidity Range NA 25% to 98% RH NA 25% to 98% RH NA 25% to 98% RH
Humidity Fluctuation NA ± 3% RH NA ± 3% RH NA ± 3% RH
Chamber Construction Fibre Reinforced Plastic, Acrylic & Nylon
Hood Pneumatic operated
Solution and air tubing Poly-urethane tube
Fog Fall Out Rate 0.5 to 2.5ml/80cmsq/h
Spray Mechanism Acrylic atomiser
Sound Level 50dbA
Removable Angle Racks 1 x 16 slots (15 Deg inclination)
Specimen Hanging Rods 6 FRP Rods
Water DM Water, pH 5-8, 1-3Kg/cm2
Water Connection 8x6mm PU quick connector
Air Clean, Dry and Oil free 4-6 Kg/cm2, 300LPM
Air Connection 8x6mm PU quick connector
Air Exhaust Connection 72mm, BSP Thread to be terminated outside building
Drain Connection 25mm, BSP Thread, to be terminated at floor level drain


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Here you will find the answers for the most of the common queries raised by our customers. In case you are not able to find a solution for query, please drop us an email.

The Salt Spray Chamber (SF-SST) is used to conduct the traditional salt spray test in which the corrosive environment is simulated in the presence of only one factor i.e. temperature (ambient to 55oC). This mode of testing does not reflect the real life corrosive conditions such as condensation humidity, air-drying etc. making the test less reliable than the cyclic corrosion test.  On the other side, the Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber (SF-CCT) is designed to simulate a more realistic corrosive environment. It could conduct whole range of corrosion tests such as the wet cycle; dry cycle, controlled humidity (optional) as well as the traditional salt spray test.

The chamber complies with more than 100 guidelines. You can view the whole list of test standards here.

The salt concentration inside the chamber is measures using a funnel and jar.

The hood is made of acrylic, which is translucent, and the specimen can be viewed only when the chamber is dry.

Yes absolutely! We provide an additional reinforced frame to accommodate such heavy specimens.

Adjusting the speed of peristaltic pump can control the salt fog.

Spray header is required only if a test standard asks for it, especially those of SAE and few of the GM (General Motors) standards.

We do not offer CO2 dosing. However, SO2 dosing (Noxious gases) can be performed in the chamber.

The chamber is equipped with an Ethernet port, which once connected enables remote access of the chamber from any part of the world through an IP address.

The support engineers from CME will install the chambers and will train you to operate the chamber.

Definitely, the chamber is covered under warranty, which is valid for 14 months from the date of supply or 12 months from the date of installations.

Our support is available across the globe. Customer can contact our support team over the phone, E-Mail or through our website. Recently we have also introduced a new support feature called “Pro-Active Support”, wherein the chamber alerts the customer about a potential snag way ahead of its occurrence!

We serve customers from diverse industries across the globe. We have earned their trust over the years and today they have become our biggest advocate of our brand. Few of such customers of Climatic Chamber are mentioned below.

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