Climatic Chamber with UTM Integration

CME’s Climatic Chambers have high degree of flexibility for customisation. The latest addition to this range is the “Climatic Chamber with UTM Integration” which is a combination of the UTM machine & the Climatic Chamber. This integration not only offers opportunities to conduct wide range of material strength testing but also under varying environmental condition.

VibationTester-specsClimatic Chamber with UTM Integration

The combination of the UTM machine & the Climatic Chamber have resulted whole lot of new features which are not only unique to this test system but also improve testing experience and makes the system more reliable.


Features Benefits
Test Space Pre-polished stainless steel with high gloss brush finish.

All seams are TIG welded ensuring a vapour tight enclosure.

Double continuous seal rings of silicone rubber are mounted on a thermal breaker strip.

Ensures a vapour tight enclosure in test space.

No conduction form the test space to the exterior.


Door Robust hinges are provided on the right hand side of the chamber.

Spring loaded latch is provided with a locking facility.

The inner surface of the door is pre-polished stainless steel and mounted such that conduction is avoided.

A micro switch is provided for an interlock between the conditioning fan and the door opening.

Multiplane viewing window is provided with defog heaters.

Offer tight sealing and visibility of specimen under testing.
Test Space Conditioning Laminar airflow

Standard frame TEFC motor is used with a detachable extended shaft.


Ensure uniform airflow across the workspace & test specimen.

The conditioning plenum is covered with a removable sheet providing easy access for maintenance.

Heating System Stainless steel sheathed air heaters is used to achieve the desired positive set temperature.

Totally enclosed type of reputed make and switching through opto-isolated solid-state relays is used.

Connecting cables inside the chamber is Teflon wiring and sheathing.

Avoid heat loss and maintains same efficiency during different test cycles.


Refrigeration System Standalone Cascade refrigeration system with high capacity ultra-low temperature compressor is used.

Hot gas bypass systems is used for protection against No-Load condition and superior stability and control in temperature.

Oil return system is used for protection against oil migration from the compressor.

The heat exchanger coils are Inner grooved copper tubes offering maximum heat transfer.

Eco friendly Non-CFC refrigerants like R-404a & R-23 are used.


Dehumidification System Refrigeration based de-humidification coils are used.

The desired level of lower humidity is achieved by maintaining the precise dew point temperature.


As the output is automatically be activated based on the set point as well as in ramp up mode after a low temperature cycle it offers maximum efficiency.
Humidification System A low-pressure droplet free vapour boiler using direct vaporization system is used.

Reservoir at the side of the chamber is provided with PU tube quick connector and water level is automatically controlled through a water-in solenoid valve.

Auto level control for humidity generator.


Minimum humidity fluctuations.

S. No




Test Space Dimensions

85L (350W x 350D x 700H) mm


Temperature Range

-70°C to 100°C


Temperature Fluctuation

0.1°C to 1°C


Temperature Gradient

0.5°C to 1.5°C


Rate of Change (Cooling) / Rate of Change (Heating)

1°C/Min / 1°C/Min


Humidity Range

30% to 95% RH


Humidity Control Accuracy

+ 3% RH


Power Supply

415V AC, +10%, 3Phase, 50Hz, 4 Wire + Earth.

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