CME’s standard and customized products allow the simulation of the most diverse environmental condition.Among wide range of customized solutions, MIL standard Thermal shock chamber is one which is customized to test various products for continuous environmental changes from extremely high to low temperature within a short time frame.



Test space volume

815 L

Dimensions Test Space (WxDxH)

1450 x 750 x 750 (mm)

Temperature Range

-70°C  t0 180°C

Humidity Range

10 %RH to 98 %RH

Ramp Rate

3 °C/min

Electrical power requirement

380V AC (± 10%), 3 Phase, 50 Hz ± 2 Hz.

Dew point temperature Range

4°C to 95°C

Temperature Monitoring & Control

Temperature sensor feed input to PID Controller to control SSR fired heaters and compressor output.





Clamp on latch type lock hinged on the right hand side while the exterior is galvanized steel with epoxy based powder coating (RAL-7035) and cladding panel (RAL-7037) with large LED display of actual temperature and humidity values for viewing from a long distance. The test space is made of No. 8 polished stainless steel, grade AISI-304. Heaters are provided to avoid condensation during low temperature cycles. Chamber is equipped with door open status quo through controller and is interlocked with the air circulation.
The viewing window is 550 mm wide and 750 mm high vacuumed 5 panes insulated glass which is also equipped with defogger heating. The test space is also provided with 50W halogen lighting with silicone enclosure.

Test Space

TIG welded, reinforced construction has maximum load bearing capacity of 100kg (UDL). Adjustable shelves provided with one shelf with a loading capacity of max. 25kg.

Port Hole

One non-conducting silicone entry port Ø50 mm with a non-conducting silicone plug is provided on left hand side of the chamber and one more non-conducting silicone entry port Ø 125 mm with a non-conducting silicone plug is provided on right hand side.

Remote Conditioning Unit

The Air handling system is double wall 18 SWG SS 304 which is separated at a distance of 1 M Approx. from the UUT with flexible insulated ducting. Stainless steel shaft and blower of non ferrous material is used to draw air from the chamber, pass it over the bank of heaters and only conditioned air is introduced into the test space. Conditioning compartment will have heating and refrigeration system.

Refrigeration System

Cascade refrigeration system with brazed plate heat exchange powered by Semi-hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor. Inner grooved high efficiency evaporator unit is used with fins for heat exchange. In power saver mode based on the time and the cooling demand, in different modes such as soak and ramp up, the compressor automatically turns off for a significant power saving.

Heating & Electricals

Low static Ni-Cr wire heater with stainless steel sheathing is used which also ensures no direct radiation into test space. High temperature safety fuse set is deployed at 214 °C for protection of the test cabinet against overheating while independent adjustable temperature limiter tmin/tmax sensor present in test space ensures specimen protection. All standard safety norms are deployed for uninterrupted testing.


A refrigeration based de-humidification system maintains lower dew point and control the humidity levels inside the test space. This output can also be enabled in ramp up mode after a low temperature cycle, to avoid condensation on the test specimen.

Humidity generator with automatic level control system.


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