Climatic Chamber for Ballistic Evaluation of Bullet Proof Jackets

A soldier’s most important means of preserving life and health are ballistic protection equipment such as a bulletproof jacket or helmet. Ergonomic is one of the important aspects of personal protection equipment which in this case is thermal stress caused by the use of specific equipment. Testing (consists of three primary equipment one being CME’s Climatic Chamber) involves assessment of the Ballistic jacket’s thermal insulation properties to know what extent the jacket impedes the transmission of heat from the human body to its surroundings.

VibationTester-specsClimatic Chamber for Ballistic Evaluation of Bullet Proof Jackets_ CLimatic chamber_CM Envirosystems_CME

It is very important that ballistic jackets should not only perform protective functions but also should not influence the users’ bodies negatively which generally occurs from both decreased energy loss from the human body and heat transfer disturbances due to the weight and size of the jacket, and the ambient temperature and level of physical effort required by the soldier. It’s difficult to a have a one perfect comfort guideline for all ballistic jackets because the user’s physiology and psychology as well as the external surroundings may differ. However by maintaining thermal balance near perfect ergonomics can be achieved. Environmental factors such as air temperature, radiation mean temperature, water vapour partial pressure and air flow speed; and individual factors such as the energy output related to the intensity of the work performed (otherwise called the metabolic rate), and the transfer of heat through clothes, also called clothing thermal insulation influences thermal balances.


A series of test equipment are used to determine thermal insulation primary among them being Climatic Chamber. CME’s chamber used here offers working temperature range of -20 °C to 95 °C with humidity range of 10%RH to 98% RH while the capacity is 1000 Litres. The tests are performed according to the ISO 15831:2004 standard with sensors measuring air temperature and velocity.




Exterior Surface Galvanized steel with epoxy based powder coating (RAL-7035)
Test Space
  • No. 8 polished stainless steel, grade AISI-304
  • TIG welded, reinforced with max. load of test space floor 100kg (UDL)
  • Adjustable shelves provision with one shelf with a loading capacity of max. 25kg
Chamber Door
  • Clamp on latch type lock
  • Hinged on the right hand side
  • Exterior galvanized steel with epoxy based powder coating (RAL-7035)
    and cladding panel (RAL-7037)
  • Interior No. 8 polished stainless steel, grade AISI-304
  • Heaters to avoid condensation during low temperature cycles
  • Silicone based thermal breaker between the interior and exterior
  • Door open status will be indicated in the controller and is interlocked with the air circulation
  • Large LED display of actual temperature and humidity values for viewing from a long distance
Viewing window & Lighting
  • High insulated glass
  • Vacuumised 5 panes
  • Defogger heating
  • 50W halogen lighting with silicone enclosure
Entry Ports
  • 1no. non-conducting silicone entry port Ø 50 mm with a non-conducting silicone plug l. h. side
  • 1no. non-conducting silicone entry port Ø 125 mm with a non-conducting silicone plug r. h. side
Air Flow Extended shaft motor with special sealing is used with an axial flow fan to maintain a smooth laminar air flow across the test space
Rotating Drum Set Up
  • The rotating drum is stand alone with provision to remove the same when not required. The rotation counter is integrated with control system
  • Perforated or meshed to allow free air flow within the drum
  • One transparent opening (on surface or one end) for placing samples inside
  • The inside of the drum is smooth, with no sharp edges to catch, abrade or tear the material
MOC SS 304 or better grade will be provided. Certificate will be provided at the time of inspection
Weight of the Drum & RPM 10 Kg & 5+1
Fins  Fins made of same material as drum running full depth of drum and spaced at 90° intervals about the circumference
  • Semi-hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor
  • Single Stage refrigeration system with brazed plate heat exchange
  • Based on the time and the cooling demand, in different modes such as soak and ramp up, the compressor automatically turns off for a significant power saving.
Cooling Unit Inner grooved high efficiency evaporator unit used with fins for heat exchange
Condensing Unit In-built air cooled condenser used for heat rejection with low noise, fan cooled finned condenser
  • Automatic oil return system to compressor
  • Oil sump sight glass
  • Refrigerant liquid flow sight glass
  • Compressor internal overload protection
  • Hot gas bypass system
  • Liquid bypass system
  • Return gas temperature digital monitoring system
  • High and low pressure digital monitoring system
  • Mechanical high and low pressure cut off switches






Test Space Dimension (WXDXH) (mm)


Test Space Volume (L)


Temperature Range (°C)

-20 to +100

Ramp Rate (°C/min)


Humidity Range (%RH)

10% – 98% RH




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