Who We Are

CME (CM Envirosystems) is a leading engineering company specialised in environmental simulation testing technology.

With presence across 4 continents, the company designs and manufactures Environmental Test Chambers, which is used to simulate real environmental conditions such as temperature, rain, dust, humidity, pressure, etc. in its test space to conduct reliability testing. In today’s world, failure rate is becoming identical across the industry resulting various product failures, call backs, and customer agitation. The reliability of a product is paramount for companies. CME understands this need of the industry, and takes it a notch higher by shaping it with its philosophy of “delighting the customers.” This sheer passion motivates its employees to work along with it customers during each stage of test chamber development and crafts a product which provides wholesome testing experience.

Established in 1981, the company has expanded its offering across sectors such as Automobile, Electronics, Electrical, Robotics, Defence and Aerospace industries. Its increasing global presence has also established a global support network to link every customer with the company and assist them with the help of a free 24×7 support channel. The objective is clear: none of the company’s chamber should remain idle due to repair & maintenance.



Inspire the employees and channel partners to understand the importance of our equipment in the development and reliability of our customer’s products.


To be among the top 3 environmental test chamber manufactures in the world by 2025.


Since its 3 decades of existence, the one thing which never changed at CME is the zest for innovation. Over the years, the company has nurtured and imbibed a culture of innovation in its corporate strategy and operations. The environmental simulation test industry is very competitive which makes it difficult for companies to sustain and distinguish them from peers. However, CME can achieve that primarily due to its commitment to innovation, which it realizes through its dedicated R&D centres across the globe.


Integrity is the foundation of a company’s existence. At CME, it is considered as the most important among the ethos. Integrity is reflected in every employee’s work at CME.


CME’s products primarily play its role in the R&D stage (especially at product development stage) as well as in quality testing. Both these stages are crucial for the success of the new product in the market. The company’s products are engineered to survive the stringent testing conditions and offer the highest reliability. It is, in fact, one of the core USPs of the company’s products.


CME’s result oriented approach has helped the company sharpen its corporate strategy to achieve its internal and external goals. This win-win approach has benefitted in adding more and more customers into the delightful bracket of satisfaction. It has also helped to establish a synergy among the company’s workforce to focus on the task which adds value to the customers. Our Founder.